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The pictures below were contributed by Shawn Shumake and Vahid Spencer.

Dash and his frequently anachronistic shoes. This Warner Bros. promo shot probably was released to promote one of the later albums.

Another Warner Bros. shot, much earlier in their careers.

Ah yes, the "Hoedown Sketch." Most concerts featured a hand-clapping, foot-stomping play along with Jimmy's fiddle, while Dash announced the "audience participation." Jimmy would intentionally cut into Dash's directions with fiddle riffs, but eventually they got the crowd properly whipped up into a down home frenzy, such as the one captured on the live album, SUDAN VILLAGE.

Performing "Ruby Jean and Billie Lee," no doubt.

Here's a rare shot, intended to promote Marcia Day's "Day 5 Productions" in 1977. Skiing, anyone?

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