Below is a list of Seals and Crofts concerts. It is assembled from many sources. Those with additional info or corrections are encouraged to email me at Also, email any personal anecdotes you have about the concerts! You will be given credit unless you indicate otherwise. To find your concert, search by date or venue with your browser's search function.

The author's first time seeing S&C in 1974 started over an hour and a half late because of a plane delay. I think they also underestimated the length of the bus trip in from Pittsburgh airport in Winter conditions. It didn't matter that they showed up tired. It was a great show anyway with a complete hoe-down routine and encores. They could barely stay awake through the Fireside afterwards. The concert ticket above somehow survived all those years. (TB)

- 1968 -

Date Venue Notes
August 21-23 Fiesta de Vida, Riverside, CA

[The Troubador gig below this is thought to be the first time S&C played before a public audience, but this festival would be the first if they appeared as billed in 1968 - TB]


(per Shawn Shumake).

- 1969 -

Date Venue Notes
October 14-19 Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA

Dion, Seals & Crofts.

Contributed by Shawn Shumake.


December 7 Peterson Gym, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA Jose Feliciano, Seals & Crofts (per Ian Rusten).
December 9 Village Gaslight, New York City, NY  

- 1970 -
Date Venue Notes
January 8-11 Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA

Chicago, Guess Who, Seals and "Croft."

January 24 Univerity of San Diego Gym, San Diego, CA Tim Hardin, Seals & Crofts, Jerry McCann. (Bert Gangl).
February 6-7

Fillmore East, New York City, NY


Delaney, Bonnie & Friends with Eric Clapton, Wilbert Harrison, Seals and Crofts, Joshua Light Show. I "discovered" Seals and Crofts when they played 4th billing at the Fillmore auditorium in 1969.  We were right in the front and so close we could have touched their shoes.  It was just the two of them plus a bass player.  They played all their songs from their first album, and when the crowd yelled for encores, they said, "That's all the songs we know!" So they played the same set again! (Mark Hansen)

March 19-21 Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA

The Youngbloods, Livingston Taylor, Seals & Croft [sic]

May 1

Nazareth College Arts Center, Rochester, NY

Seals & Crofts, Ian & Sylvia, Bat McGrath and Don Potter, Poco. Poco canceled their appearance for this show. ( (Bert Gangl).
May 2 Alexander Hall, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ John Sebastian, Seals & Crofts (per Ian Rusten).
May 14-16 Boston Tea Party, Boston, MA

John Hammond, Seals & Croft [sic], Insect Trust.

May 16-17 Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Country Joe & the Fish, Seals & Crofts, Small Faces, Redbone, Albert Collins, Big Brother, D'Jango, Seeds of Time, Spring, Jambourine, Trees, Hosannah Anvil Chorus, Elijah, Ball 'N Jack. The Strawberry Mountain Festival, 18 miles wast of Mission, B.C., on Lougheed Highway.

June 12-13 Fillmore East, New York City, NY

Procol Harum, Rhinoceros, Seals and Crofts, Joe’s Lights. (Bert Gangl).

 I went to the Fillmore to see Procol Harum many times, always in the front row balcony. While I can't remember the exact date, I'm sure it was the Saturday show. I remember these 2 scruffy looking scamps take the stage with 2 chairs, a guitar and a mandolin. They seemed out of place and expectations were low. Well, that changed FAST. The voices, the harmonies, the pickin' (especially Dash on the mandolin). I became an instant fan. I saw them again at another Fillmore show I think, but that first time ever remains a highlight of my concert-going life. Down Home remains one of my all time favorite albums. (Joel Leoce).

June Celebrity (aka Star) Theater, Phoenix, AZ

Kris Kristofferson, Seals & Crofts. The first time I saw them in concert was with my friend Mike Colcord. We had heard of both S&C and KK but had little knowledge of their music. The Celebrity is a small theater in the round with a rotating stage, so every seat is a great one. Seals and Crofts opened for Kris Kristofferson. It was just the two of them, plus Bobby Litchtig (sp?) on bass.  They blew us away, especially Dash on mandolin and Seals on sax! When Kristofferson came out with his band, the first thing he said to the crowd, referring to the S&C performance, was: "I feel like Flipper following Moby Dick." David Lively

August 5 Wollman Memoral Skating Rink Theater, Central Park, NY, NY Delaney & Bonnie & Friends, Seals & Crofts. Part of a Summer Concert series sponsored by Schaefer Beer ("When You're Having More Than One"). Shows were at 7 PM and 9:30 PM. Orchestra seats $2 and Balcony $1. (Bert Gangl).
August 10 Westbury Music Fair, L.I., NY, NY

Chicago, Seals & Crofts

August 12 Smothers Brothers Show, LA CA. (Bert Gangl)
August 14-15 Fillmore East, New York City, NY

Procol Harum, Country Joe McDonald, Seals and Crofts, Joshua Light Show.

August 20 Virginia Beach Dome, Virginia Beach, VA Cited in Billboard Magazine published on 8/22/70 (Bert Gangl).
August 23 Riviera Theatre, North Tonawanda, NY Cited in Billboard Magazine published on 8/22/70 (Bert Gangl).
August 27 Plaza at the University of San Diego, San Diego, CA San Diego concert archive (Bert Gangl).
October 1-4 Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA

Eric Burdon and War, Seals and Crofts, Clover, San Francisco Light Show.

December 9 Village Gaslight, New York, NY Cited in Billboard Magazine published on 12/19/70 in "Talent In Action" section (Bert Gangl).

- 1971 -
Date Venue Notes
January 15 Pasadena Civic Center, Pasadena, CA The Carpenters, Seals & Crofts (Pasadena Star News 1/15/71, per Bert Gangl).
January 16 Santa Monica Civic Center, Santa Monica, CA The Carpenters, Seals & Crofts (Pasadena Star News 1/15/71, per Bert Gangl).
February 1-4 Glen Campbell Show taping This show was aired on 3/7/71 (Pasadena Star News 1/22/71, per Bert Gangl).
February 6 Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Columbus, OH (Charleston WV Gazette, 2/6/71, per Bert Gangl).
February 28 Symphony Hall, Boston, MA Beach Boys, Seals and Crofts. Ads are in the Boston Herald from that week. Ian Rusten, Bert Gangl.
March 3-7 Quiet Knight, Chicago, IL

This promotional poster lists the concert schedule for this period, first listing this Chicago gig. At the very botton indicates that their third album is in production with John Simon at Woodstock, NY.


March 7 Glen Campbell Show Likely the date it was aired. Listed in the T.A. promotional poster above.
March 11 David Frost Show Likely the date it was aired. Listed in the T.A. promotional poster above.
March 11 Mankato State University, Mankato, MN Listed in the T.A. promotional poster above.
March 12 University of Nebraska, Omaha, NE Listed in the T.A. promotional poster above.
March 16-21 The Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA

Listed in the T.A. promotional poster above.

You'll note the text at the top, which is a bit hard to make out, but which reads, "Now through March 21." Of course, the Mar 16-21, 1971, stint at the Troubadour (shown on your site) immediately sprung to mind. That, alone, pretty much made it a semi-slam dunk.

But, one never knows, so I wanted to see if I could verify this independently. You'll note the text, below the support band, Ohio Knox, which reads, "Coming: Biff Rose." So, I looked in the Los Angeles Times archives, and, sure enough; Mr. Rose immediately followed our boys at the Troubadour in 1971. His opening night was Tuesday, Mar 23, of that year. Bert Gangl.


Author: Sherman, Michael. Date:  Mar 26, 1971. For the first 20 minutes of his opening set at the Troubadour Tuesday night, Biff Rose had everything going pretty much his way; he almost immediately captured the crowd's attention and . . .


March 23-27 Cellar Door, Washington, D.C. Listed in the T.A. promotional poster above.
April 30 Cornell University, Ithaca, NY A three page appearance contract for this concert, signed by Jim Seals and sent by Ron Rainey of the International Famous Agency, circulated on EBay in 2006. It indicated that S&C's concert fee was $2500.
May 22 National Arena, Kingston, Jamaica Seals & Crofts, Dizzy Gillespie, Geraldine Jones. (Kingston Gleaner, 5/28/71, per Bert Gangl).
May 29 TraveLodge Theater, Phoenix, AZ Kris Kristofferson, Seals & Crofts (Arizona Republic 5/28/71, per Bert Gangl).
August 23 Wollman Memoral Skating Rink Theater, Central Park, NY, NY Earl Scruggs, featuring Gary and Randy Scruggs , Seals & Crofts, Jerry Corbitt, Charlie Daniels. Part of a Summer Concert series sponsored by Schaefer Beer ("When You're Having More Than One"). Shows were at 7 PM and 9:30 PM. Orchestra seats $2 and Balcony $1.
September 1-6 Le Hibou, Ottawa, Canada



September 15 SUNY Gymnasium, Oneonta, NY

John Hammond, Seals & Crofts.

Way back in September of 1971, I was a freshman at the State University New York College at Oneonta (upstate New York).  The school always had a Fall concert to kick off the year and a Spring concert to end it. Maybe during the 3rd or 4th week of September, Seals and Crofts performed in the gym.  Not a big crowd, because no one had really heard of them, no hits yet.  But I knew them from the progressive radio station I listened to on Long Island, WLIR.  Plus, I had a promotional record that had 4 songs (See My Life and Hollow Reed, being two of them...I still have it).  It had a hole like a 45, but played as a 33-1/3rd.  They were great; I remember enjoying them immensely....mandolin and all.  (By the way, the Spring concert in '72 was The Beach Boys.). Ron Enners, West Babylon, NY.

I found the September 1971 date for the SUNY Oneonta show. As you can see from the Sep 1971 calendar, the date was Sep 15, 1971. The date was also confirmed in the Oct 01, 1971, issue of the SUNY Oneonta State Times, which mentioned the concert, as well. Bert Gangl.


October 19 Prestonsburg Community College, Prestonburg, KY

Seals and Crofts' first concert in Kentucky was arranged by devoted fan and student, George Archer. Bobby Lichtig arrived sick with stomach cramps, and George’s father, a physician, treated him. Bobby was soon playing basketball with the road manager, before the concert at the Prestonburg High School Gym. Over 90 minutes with one break, they did several songs from the Year of Sunday release, including ‘Cause You Love and Irish Linen. They also played the unreleased jazz fusion piece, The Gate. Response by the 400-500 in attendance was sluggish at first, especially to the Baha’i explanations, but they soon warmed and went wild by the time the hoe-down segment was played. They left for the Huntingdon airport in a Ford Fairlane with a U-Haul in tow.

As it turns out, the town is spelled Prestonsburg, with an "s," and is the county seat of Floyd County, Kentucky. Also, the show was in October of 1971, not 1972, as shown by this snippet from the Floyd County Times:

Floyd County Times: October 14, 1971

Seals & Crofts, folk-rock musicians, will appear here next Tuesday, October 19, in the second performance of the East Kentucky Concert Series … Bert Gangl

November 5 Texas A&M, College Station, TX

Kris Kristofferson, Seals & Crofts. A fine audio recording of this concert survives, with early versions of Freak’s Fret, Gabriel Go On Home, Boy Down the Road, the Hoe Down routine, Earth, Bonaparte’s Retreat with Jimmy’s Tuvan throat singing, Tin Town, a shaky keyboard version of Birthday of My Thoughts, Cotton Mouth, Ridin’ Thumb, a surprising rendition of Wisdom on Jimmy’s new alto sax, and Year of Sunday. Dash recalls that the ROTC recruits at the school helped unload the gear. Bill Thompson gets credit for preserving the tape, which can be heard at

November 12 Philharmonic Hall, New York, NY I grew up in New York City and remember a Philharmonic Hall (now called Avery Fisher Hall) with just a small group. This was, I think, after Year of Sunday was released. Steve Donoso, Hope, Maine
November 14 WBAI Studios, New York, NY S&C's first radio concert, and a fine recording was uncovered in 2008. They perform Freak's Fret, Irish Linen, Eighth of January, a rare fiddle tune called Devil's Dream, Tuvan singing demo, Tin Town, a better performance of Birthday of My Thoughts with Dash on keys (Bobby Lichtig adds some flute), a funky extended version of Cotton Mouth, Ridin' Thumb, Wisdom (Dash appears to switch between keys and electric guitar), Springfield Mill, High On a Mountain, Year of Sunday, and Granny Won't Your Dog Bite. Audience of about 600 goes nuts during the fiddle tunes. A heckler disrupts but was mostly edited out by delay technique for the live radio broadcast.
November 19-20 Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia, PA Bucks County Courier Times 11/19/71, per Bert Gangl.

- 1972 -
Date Venue Notes
January Zoom (PBS-TV) In January of 1972, PBS affilliate WGBH-TV in Boston began airing the program "Zoom." The show featured bare-footed children in rugby shirts demonstrating various educational activities suggested by viewers, emphasizing science and the arts. One fan recalls seeing Seals and Crofts on one of the shows: "It was a PBS show broadcast in the LA area. I'm pretty sure they sang "Hummingbird" and were asked questions by one of the show's actors. I thought their harmonies were outstanding and I especially liked their lyrics. In subsequent years, I bought Year of Sunday, Summer Breeze and Diamond Girl, pretty much in that order." Gorgiana Alonzo.
February 6 Community Concourse, San Diego, CA Dave Mason, Seals & Crofts (per Ian Rusten).
February 13 Cleveland, OH Photos taken by future fan club President Toni Bodnar.
May 12, 13 Ohio University, Athens, Ohio Folk Festival, with Eric Anderson, Alex Bevan, Burrito Brothers, Arlo Guthrie, John Hammond, John Hartford, Tom Rush, Seals & Crofts, Mary Travers and Townes Van Zandt.
September 16 John Carroll University, Cleveland, OH (per Ian Rusten)
August 3 War Memorial, Syracuse, NY

Seals & Crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley.

August 8 Waikiki Shell, Waikiki, HI



September Indiana Univesity, Bloomington, IN Regarding your concert history, I thought you would like to know S&C performed at the 10th Street Football Stadium, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana in September 1972. The concert also included Mason Proffitt and the Goose Creek Symphony. The gig was called Stonehenge III. I was there. John Blazier.
November 2 Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY Allman Bros., BS&T, Seals & Crofts, Alice Cooper, Bo Diddley, Chuck Berry, Poco, Curtis Mayfield. Filmed for broadcast on ABC-TV’s upcoming new series In Concert, (see below). Roughly 1,000 Hofstra students attended.
November 24 In Concert (ABC-TV)

ABC airs its first "In Concert," at 11:30 PM EST. Bo Diddley, Seals & "Croft," Curtis Mayfield, Alice Cooper, Poco. Taped a few weeks earlier at Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY. Excellent live video clip of "Paper Airplanes" survives, with the guys flanked by wives and kids. Stoic promoter Don Kirschner explains that taping of Seals and Crofts was delayed 12 hours because of technical problems, until 5 AM. A Poco website ( indicates that they also did not play their three songs until 5 AM, despite fact that filming attempts began at 1 PM. Opening act Alice Cooper shocked the tv station owner in Cincinnati, who pulled the plug on the show, prompting a bomb threat, and 4,000 protest letters. Reaired on December 8.

November 29 Ford Auditorium, Detroit, MI

After the concert, they invited everyone to meet them in the downstairs conference room to discuss their Baha'i faith. They handed out literature and posters from the tour, and I was able to get both of them to sign mine.  It's one of my proudest possessions.  A picture of it [is below]. (Lynn Anderson).

December 1 Cowtown Ballroom, Kansas City, MO

This was the first of seven S&C concerts I attended. Mark Dillman.

December 8 Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA Seals & Crofts, Lawrence & Roselle. One very clear memory was Jim's demostration of Tuvan throat singing. The Santa Monica Civic is a relatively small theater, but our seats were quite far back. When he proposed to demonstrate this subtle thing, I didn't think we would be able to hear it, being so far from the stage. I was knocked out when I recognized the melody hidden in the basic tone he sang! We went to a fireside after the show in a little conference room in the Civic Center complex. It was a thrill to be so close to Jim and Dash, and to see how humble, unassuming and level they were. (Richard Sheehy).

- 1973 -
Date Venue Notes
January 16 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH Seals & Crofts, Brother Boyd Williams.
January 24 Embassy Theatre, Fort Wayne, IN

Seals & Crofts, Lawrence & Roselle. Tickets were $4.50 to $5.50.

January 27 Indiana Central College, Indianapolis, IN

If anyone has clearer dates, I hope they respond.  A friend and I went to see a concert in Indianapolis at Indiana Central College (now gone).  We sat on the floor in the gym, and we were about 10 feet from the stage.  They only had a bass player with them, I think, and it was wonderful!! I believe this was in October or November of 1972 [actually January '73- see below].  They had just started to become a hit, but I think this concert was scheduled before they were known stars.  JoDee.

Another mystery solved (I believe)... you can see, from the February, 1973, issue of the Alumni News, the concert at Indiana Central College, in Indianapolis, was held on Jan 27, 1973. Bert Gangl. [Bert - you are amazing! - AB]


February 6 "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson." They play "Hummingbird" with Bobby Lichtig, amplified only by a bass amp and overhead studio mics. They don't get invited over to the chairs, but the segment has been preserved in Johnny's "Best Of" video compilations.
February 11 Capitol Theatre, East Orange, NJ

(per Ian Rusten)

February 12 Academy of Music, Philadelphia, PA (per Ian Rusten)
March 7 War Memorial, Syracuse, NY

Seals & Crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley.

March 13 Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA Seals & Crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley. There was an open floor, with permanent seats on risers around the perimeter. They turned the cavernous arena into a rowdy, foot-stompin' hoedown during "Granny Does Your Dog Bite." This tune surprised me because the studio version from "Down Home" is so short. They stretched it out for what seeming like a very long time. The crowd danced wildly. It was like a huge square-dance. I was very impressed at how only three musicians could create such deep music in an essentially acoustic setting. Bobby Lichtig was (is, I presume) a fantastic, sensitive musician. He was the perfect complement to Jim and Dash. I was sorry when the pressures of commercial success forced them to "go electric." Other highlights from this show that I remember vividly are "High on a Mountain" (with Dash's amazing solo -- the Jimi Hendrix of the electric mandolin!), "Hummingbird" and "Summer Breeze," which sounded so powerful in the unadorned, three-piece arrangement that they used in concert. Richard Sheehy..
March 15 Berkeley Community Theater, Berkeley, CA Seals & Crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley. Bill Graham Presents. I attended the concert with my wife and band members. As musicians we were huge fans and we played some of the songs such as Irish Linen, Antoinette and others.  When we arrived Dash and Jimmy were departing a limo. Dash noticed us, came over, shook our hands and stayed to talk with us for a while. My wife was really thrilled and still talks about how soft Dash's hands were. We had up-front seats and the mix was great so it could not have been better. Our love of melodies and harmony means we're still playing and listening to S&C and England Dan and John Ford Coley regularly.  Their music is timeless and I'm now introducing them to my young grandchildren who are thankfully growing up in a musical environment.  I noticed a CD with Ashes in the Snow is now available.  One of my favorites that we used to sing.  A sincere thanks to Dash, Jimmy, Dan and John for making my life so much more enjoyable. DFMarble.
March 24 Rose Arena, Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI
April SUNY, Cortland State University, NY  
June 15 Saratoga, NY  
June 16 The Mosque, Richmond, VA “Diamond Girl” released on the same day.
June 19 "Roberta Flack, The First Time Ever" airs (ABC-TV) Guest appearance by Seals & Crofts. (anonymous contribution by "Mr. Mesquite Tree").
June 22 Tulsa, OK  
June 23-24 Third National Baha’i Youth Conference, Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, Oklahoma City, OK

Seals & Crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley, Lawrence and Roselle, Don Reed, Clearsign, The Hagighi Brothers. One of the largest Baha’i youth gatherings at the time, a five day event attended by over 4,000 Baha’is. The concert attendance was nearly 15,000.

I still have the commemorative coffee cup w/ the date printed on it!  They performed Saturday night and again Sunday afternoon.  Those dates would probably be 23 & 24.  The Saturday concert was broadcast live by a local progressive rock radio station. Mark Dillman.

June 27 University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT Billy Joel, Seals & Crofts. My very first concert was in SLC Utah on June 27, 1973. I was 13 and my father took me to the U of U to see Seals and Crofts. Billy Joel was the opening act. The theatre at the U is much smaller than the Salt Palace where most concerts are played. I saw many bands at the Palace, but none compared to the more intimate theatre where S&C played. The sound system is far superior too.
That concert is even more special to me now, because my wonderful father passed away just 2 weeks ago. He was my hero, my rock, and the grief I'm feeling now is overwhelming. I added a myspace page over a year ago that was put together by a fan for fans of Seals and Crofts. I went there tonight and listened to the music tracks and the tears started to flow. At the same time, such wonderful memories came flooding back........The special times that my father and I spent together, and those beautiful classic tunes seem even better as I hear them today.
GREAT MEMORIES! Thanks for letting me share, and THANKS for the concert date! I only remembered the year was 73.......You gave me the actual DAY! Peace. ~Holly~
June 28 Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX

England Dan and John Ford Coley, Seals & Crofts. I was in a group that included Dash Croft's twin sister (Dot...Dash/Dot, get it?), and other family members. I was friends with Dash's nephew. We met the band at Love Field in Dallas. They flew in on their Douglas DC-3.  It was an old prop airplane, but very nicely appointed inside. We had a fun day riding around with Dash and Jimmy carrying their instruments to radio interviews. Dash took us to lunch at the hotel...and he paid for everyone. What a guy. I recall us all being up in his hotel room and seeing a bunch of turquoise jewelry on the dresser. He proceeded to put every bit of it on when we left. The sound check at the Dallas Convention Center was really cool for we young aspiring musicians. Big stage and big sound.  I recall Jimmy Seals indulging me backstage by answering my innane questions about the chords in "Summer Breeze". Danny Seals was there with John Ford Coley. They would open the show. At the show all went well. One of the coolest things was Dash cranking his mandolin through some serious gain to make it sound like a supercharged amplified guitar. The concert was being filmed for a movie that was supposed to be entitled "Seals & Crofts in the West", but I've never heard or seen anything about it. Wish I could find it, as my buddies and I made sure we got in front of the cameras every now and then. Kind of think of it, I recall meeting Dash Croft's father a year or so later at the family ranch in Cisco. I and some buddies on break from college went out for the weekend.  We gathered up some saddles and bridles and chased down some horses and rode around all one afternoon...never saw a fence. Shot our pistols and fell asleep in some grass next to a creek. Good memories. Bill Roberts

This was my very first date. I went to see them with Barry Schepps (yes, that Schepps family), and we stayed afterwords for an informal discussion/talk about the Baha'i faith. It was a huge eye opener for me as I was at a point in my life where I was questioning the old standard explanations of religion versus spirituality. About six weeks later I left for boarding school where I was constantly in the headmaster's office for questioning everything that came out of my teachers' mouths. To this day, I credit Seals & Crofts for giving me the information to make my own decisions. Love them forever! Mara Gordon.

Remember it well...I was 18 at the time and had a hot date that was a great evening...I 've always enjoyed the sound of S&C, even to this day...particularly enjoyed "We May Never Pass This Way Again"...the hardest thing to believe is that concert was 36 years ago that possible??? PR in Texas.

June 29 Hofheinz Pavilion, University of Houston, Houston, TX

Seals & Crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley. Tickets were $4.50 and $5.50.

June 30
San Antonio, TX

Seals & Crofts, Cheech & Chong. Janie Alonso.


July 1 Corpus Christi, TX  
July 7 Maui War Memorial, Maui, HI  
July 8 Waikiki Shell, Waikiki, HI


July 11 West High School, Anchorage, AK Raised a Baha'i in Alaska, I saw S & C play live at the West High School auditorium in Anchorage, Alaska in the mid 70s. The joy and love that eminates from their music still affects me, even after all these years. (Scott Brown)
July 13 Seattle, WA  
July 14 Paramount Northwest, Portland, OR

Seals & Crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley.


July 15 Sacramento Memorial Auditorium, Sacramento, CA Seals & Crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley.
July 22 Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, CA Seals & Crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley. The 90 minute set concentrated on the just-released Diamond Girl album (the title track was getting a lot of airplay in L.A. that Summer) plus several tracks from Summer Breeze. At the end of the show, the audience was invited to attend a Baha'i meeting at a hall on the west side of Highland Avenue just north of Franklin (possibly an American Legion Hall, but I'm not 100% sure) about a 5 minute walk south of the Bowl. My girlfriend and I attended, and so did about a hundred others along with Jimmy and Dash. While I didn't convert, I can't imagine a more cordial introduction to the Baha'i faith, and attendees were on their best behavior. I wish I had brought a camera. Rick and Debbie Childs.
July 24 Lennox, MA  
July 25 Edwardsville, IL  
July 26 Minneapolis, MN  
July 27-28 Chicago, IL I was in college in Joliet, Illinois when they came to Chicago in July, 1973. My friend Bob had their album Down Home (this was before Year of Sunday was released but they included songs from that one in the concert). We listened to it constantly, then when we heard they were coming we jumped on it. It was the first time I drove to Chicago for a concert, and it rained like crazy, but we made it. We were up in the balcony so we didn't see well, but the experience of being immersed in their music live was amazing-still my favorite memory of any performance. But then they invited anyone to come to a local hotel where they would hang out and talk about the Baha'i faith. In the rain, in the city we didn't know, we found it! We saw them a lot closer in a small room with perhaps a dozen other people. Something about their music holds a special spiritual connection still when I hear it, even though I wasn't a member of their faith. Brian.
July 30 Detroit, MI

I believe it must have been the July 30, 1973 date for Detroit which would have been the Michigan State Fair in Detroit.  I would have been 12 years old.  Here's my anecdote: My family showed palomino quarter horses all over the state of Michigan.  Every year, we spent about 4 days in Detroit for the Michigan State Fair.  Back then, my sister, our friends, and myself, in our free time would wander the fairgrounds (can you imagine that today in Detroit???? OMG!). Our gang ranged from 8 to 13 years old. Very worldly, we were. One afternoon, chores done and bored to death, we sat down to watch a crew setting up at the band shell in the fairgrounds near the entrance to the midway. After several hours a small crowd began to come in and take their seats for what appeared to be a free concert.  We were curious to see who it might be, bemoaning the fact it was probably some polka band from the Eight Mile area. At the tender age of 12, I knew darn good and well who Seals & Crofts was and the songs "Summer Breeze" and "Diamond Girl."  When I saw them take the stage and realized who I was seeing for free I was dumbfounded!  I expected security to come haul our little butts out of there at any moment, especially since we had planted ourselves right up front from the get go. One of my pals, a whole year older than myself, couldn't believe our luck either. We stayed and watched the entire concert after sending our younger sisters and their buddies back to the barns to let our mothers know where we were after all these hours. It was late afternoon when the concert began and just getting to be dusk when they finished. That was my first "rock concert."  I was hooked and a fan ever since. What a little girl I was! Made it a point to see them whenever they were in Michigan and I think I've seen them now four times.  As a senior in high school in 1979, I proposed and highly campaigned for "We May Never Pass This Way Again" as our senior song. It won. It's on the cover of our yearbook. My parents and I rarely agreed on music to listen to mutually in the 70's, but Seals & Crofts was common ground we could all get along with. among a few others. When I think of the song, "Ruby Jean and Billy Lee," I can't get it out of my head. I would greatly love to see them together again.  A reunion tour would be a dream come true. I'm in the Chicagoland area now.  Wouldn't dream of travelling Eight Mile or attending the Michigan State Fair these days. . . Lori J. Fecht

July 31 Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH  
August 1-2 New York, NY  
August 3 Syracuse, NY Aired on WOLF radio, sponsored by Lee slacks.
August 4 Yale Bowl, New Haven, CT  
August 5 Merriweather Columbia Pavillion, Columbia, MD  
August 10 Springfield, IL  
August 11 MusicPark, Beulah Park, Grove City, OH

I LOVED SEALS AND CROFTS MUSIC! And I still do! I attended a Seals & Crofts concert in 1971? or 1972? at the Beulah horse Race Track in Grove City, Ohio. WOW!.....I LOVED when they played Diamond Girl with all of the light sparkles swirling over the crowd !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was an open air concert with the stage sitting on the race track right in front of us. IT WAS JUST AWESOME! I'll never forget that concert! A lot of people were "partying" out in the field parking lot, but when it came time for Seals & Crofts to take the stage, no one was left in the field! Great old memories NEVER die! And neither does great music! Judy Graves, Delaware, OH

As it turns out, the inaugural season of the MusicPark, as it was known, at the Beulah Park track, was 1973, as shown in the attached article. That article also lists the date of the Seals & Crofts concert Aug 11, 1973. I've also included an ad, which confirms the Aug 11, 1973, date, which is the earliest the concert could have been, since Beulah Park didn't have concerts before that year, when the MusicPark inside the race course was first inaugurated. Bert Gangl.


August 26 Yale Bowl, New Haven, CT I still have the promotional poster for this concert mailed to members of the S&C fan club.  The year and city are not listed, but it would have to be 1973 because the 26th was a Sunday that year and definitely in Ohio, maybe Cleveland.  The reason I remember this is because it was broadcast live (not prerecorded) nationwide on NBC radio around 3:00pm in the afternoon.  Our local NBC affiliate station broadcast the concert. Mark Dillman.
September 28 Seals & Crofts host the "Midnight Special."

They perform "Diamond Girl," "Dust On My Saddle," "We May Never Pass This Way Again," "Ruby Jean and Billie Lee" and (evidently) "Pop Goes the Weasel." They goof around with an oversized guitar. Guests are Meatloaf, Helen Reddy, Ramblin Jack Elliott, Arlo Guthrie, Paul Butterfield, T. Rex, Leo Kottke, Marc Bolan, Uriah Heep and Wolfman Jack.

October Don Kirshner's "Rock Concert." Seals & Crofts, Tower of Power. We May Never Pass, Summer Breeze, Standin' On a Mountaintop, Tuvan singing demo, Hummingbird, Ruby Jean and Billie Lee, Paper Airplanes, Diamond Girl, poetic reading of Ledges, Unborn Child, Granny Will Your Dog Bite.
November Carnegie Hall, NY, NY

This concert was recorded by Warner Brothers over two nights and never released, although parts of it have been bootlegged over the years (sometimes with the wrong performances included).

I grew up in New York City and attended the Carnegie Hall Concert in NYC in 1973, I believe it was just after the release of their Diamond Girl LP as they did songs from that album as well as others. I sat in the balcony and looked down on them. It was a fabulous show with a small band and an orchestra! Steve Donoso, Hope, Maine

- 1974 -
Date Venue Notes
January 12 Recreation Hall, Penn State University, University Park, PA Penn State's newspaper, The Daily Collegian, reported that over 6,000 attended, with several leaning over the railings to get better views. As they were "perched on stools" there were four backup musicians, and they performed their hits, plus the recently released "Unborn Child" and lesser performed songs "Earth" and the never released instrumental, "The Gate." S&C discussed the Baha'i Faith in the pre-concert interview. The concert committee president, Larry Epstein, stated that it was the easiest concert he ever worked, "I didn't even have to tell anyone to put out a cigarette." The concert was closed with the hoedown fiddling numbers. Article provided by Alan Kugler.
January 22 Niagra Falls International Center, Niagra Falls, NY Tickets were $5.00. There were 10,200 fans in the audience which was an almost capacity crowd. The concert was 3 weeks before the release of "Unborn Child". I was 13 years old and a complete fan-atic. I was in heaven during that concert. Probably one of the best nights of my young life! Erin Hagag.
January 24 Maurice Stokes Fieldhouse, St. Francis College, Loretto, PA See author's ticket stub above.
February 10 Philadelphia, PA I went to this concert with my friend Jan. I was pregnant with my first child.  I was a devoted fan who just adored their music. After the concert Jimmy and Dash invited anyone from the audience to stay and hear them share their religious beliefs. We stayed and listened to their spiritual experience with the Baha'i faith. We left for the ride home to New Jersey with a wonderfully peaceful feeling inside. Diane Hoffman.
February 14 Pittsburgh, PA Two shows.
February 15 Binghamton, NY  
February 16 Syracuse, NY  
February 17 Springfield, Mass  
February 19 University of Maine, Orono, ME  
February 23 Rochester, NY  
February 24 Baltimore, MD Seals & Crofts appear on the King Biscuit Flower Hour with Wishbone Ash.
February 27 Norfolk, VA  
March 5 Music Hall, Boston, MA Details of this recorded show are at Set list was Hummingbird, The Boy Down The Road, Windflowers, We May Never Pass This Way Again, King Of Nothing, Ruby Jean And Billy Lee, Desert People, Pop Goes The Weasel, The Gate, High On A Mountain, Riding Thumb, Bonaparte's Retreat, Standing On A Mountain Top, Stop and Think It Over [probably the working title for Unborn Child at the time - AB], Summer Breeze, Diamond Girl, Hog Callin' Music. It was a 10:30 PM show. (Steve Hopkins, George Archer). Advanced touring originally planned this concert for March 1.
March 2 Nassau Coliseum, NY  
March 12 John Long Center, University of Scranton , Scranton, PA


March 13 Dayton, OH  
March 15 Clowes Hall, Butler University, Indianapolis, IN Two shows. The performances were on the Butler University campus in Clowes Hall. I attended one of the concerts, which was great. After the show, they invited everyone to a local Baha'i faith get together at a nearby private home.  I attended along with about 20 other concert goers.  Both spoke about the Baha'i faith for an hour or so and then everyone went home.  I was a student at Butler at the time and saw many concerts at Clowes. Seals and Crofts was one of the best I saw. Frank Cava.
March 16 Arie Crown Theater, Chicago, IL (per Shawn Shumake). May have also played on March 17.
March 19 Dane County Memorial Coliseum, Madison, WI (per Ian Rusten)
March 20 Minneapolis, MN  
March 22 Detroit, MI  
March 24 St. Louis, MO  
March 25 Kansas City, MO  
March 29 Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA (per Ian Rusten). I recall the mirror ball glittering when they did "Diamind Girl." I know they did "unborn Child." I recall they mentioned the Fireside.I didn't know what that was about, but didn't believe for a second that they were actually going to come out and talk, or I am sure I would have insisted on going down to hear them. I was 13. Shawn Shumake.
April 6 Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA

Seals & Crofts perform in "California Jam" with several others, including Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, ELP, and Randy Meisner. They perform Windflowers (hippie girl gyrates in front of the stage throughout), Unborn Child, Eighth of January. Video has been preserved.


April 12 Big Surf, Tempe, AZ During that concert I heard a sound that resonated with my soul. I cannot for the life of me remember who was dual/double voicing their part in Bonaparte's Retreat, but I had never heard such and amazing sound before and sadly have never heard it again.  I have had my daughter scour the net looking for a recording and she has come up with goose eggs. I loved that concert but more importantly, I don't think that a piece of musical mastery should just fade into oblivion. Many young people are searching for true MUSIC, not this mindless screaming, shouting and cussing.  If there is any chance that there is a lost recording out that on Bonaparte's Retreat, recorder at Big Surf on that date I would love for my daughter, as music lover herself to hear it.  I shudder to think of something so beautiful and melodic being lost to the sands of time.  Please tell me it hasn't been lost and I can find it somewhere. Mary [Editor's note: in a reply, it was explained that Jimmy Seals' "Tuvan" singing was learned from his grandfather and is hear on some of the lps]
April 13 Civic Auditorium, Albuquerque, NM  
April 15 Municipal Auditorium, San Antonio, TX  
April 16 Memorial Auditorium, Dallas, TX  
April 17 Assembly Center, Tulsa, OK  
April 18 Music Hall, Oklahoma City, OK  
April 20 Hoffheinz Pavillion, Houston, TX  
April 21 Coliseum, Corpus Christi, TX  
April 22 University of Texas, Austin, TX  
April 23 Civic Center, Amarillo, TX  
May 2 New Haven Arena, New Haven, CT  
May 3 or 4 Nassau Colliseum, Uniondale, NY

Although I don't have a ticket stub, I am certain of the date [May 4], for this reason: I was on my college radio station at the time, and on my show the week after the concert I played every song from the concert. I still have my playlists from that time, and after seeing the date on the playlist, used an online calendar to backtrack to the Saturday before, which was May 4. I remember that it was a terrific show. My girlfriend and I had seats on the arena floor, about halfway back. When the show was over, Dash and Jim told the audience that if we stuck around for a few minutes while they cooled down, they would come back out and talk for a while and take some questions. And indeed, after maybe 15-20 they came back out. My memory tells me they simply sat on the edge of the stage. They talked quite a bit about the Ba'hai faith, although to their credit they didn't proselytize. They were funny, engaging and came across as two very warm and real people. Steve Springer.

[Tour coordinator Bud Becker produced a memo from Day Artists Management Company showing the date as May 3 -- AB]

May 4 Civic Arena, Providence, RI  
May 5 Cole Field House, University of Maryland, College Park, MD  
May 5 Springfield Civic Center, Springfield, MA (per Ian Rusten)
May 7 Ocean Grove Auditorium, Ocean Grove, NJ

Seals & Crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley. Not sure of the exact date, but sometime in May 1974, Seals & Crofts gave a concert at Ocean Grove, NJ. The big deal about this (aside from the fact that it was my first S & C concert) was that Ocean Grove was a “closed” town, and this was their first public event. The auditorium was old and made of wood, so there was no smoking allowed anywhere inside. Only one person was arrested, for smoking pot. But I remember standing outside on line before the show, and seeing these old women sitting on park benches, woolen blanket over their laps and legs, and German Shepherds on their leashes.  It was a strict, religious community, and I remember that no cars were allowed to drive in Ocean Grove on Sunday. There was no liquor allowed. It was also an “exclusive” community, where no Jews or Blacks were allowed. Ocean Grove was situated between Asbury Park and Bradley Beach. We stayed in Bradley Beach during a few summers in the 60s, and walking the boardwalk to Asbury brought you right past Ocean Grove. As a Jewish kid, I was very uncomfortable on that little stretch of boardwalk. Years later, standing on line and looking at the old women staring at the young “hippies,” I was still very uncomfortable! I’m not sure how that place is now; I wonder if it’s still the same little place or it’s now part of the 21st Century. I don’t think there was another rock concert there, though! Faith Luber (and yes, you can use my name).

[Ocean Grove] was not only my first S and C concert, it was my first Rock/pop concert. Yes, it was an amazing event and historic in many ways that you may not be aware of. I grew up in Belmar and was a student at Manasquan HS at the time. I was 16 years old so my mother drove me and my girl to the concert and then she waited for it to end over in Asbury Park. My mom told me she could hear the music very well from the car. There was a lot of concern from the people of Ocean Grove regarding the concert. It was the one and only Rock concert ever held in the Great Auditorium. As a kid, I played a band instrument (trombone) in school. I played in the Ocean Grove Summer Band from 1969-1978 and on many occasions I performed in the Ocean Grove Auditorium and was very familiar with the place when I attended that concert. So I knew even at the tender age of 16 that this was quite a venue for a concert and I had an appreciation for the tough sell job the promoters had in booking the hall. All of the superstructure used to hang the stage lights were brought in and were free standing as the building lacked the structure to support them. Jersey Central Power and Light supplied power externally for the concert as the building has no where near enough power to support the power needs of the band. All of the local fire companies were told about the event in the case of fire they would respond without hesitation. There were town folks that wanted the electric American flag, which is on the wall behind the stage lit during the concert. This as you know was not done though. I think the thing that killed any future rock concerts there was the traditional lighting of bic lighters by the concert goers at the end of the concert. The building was built in the late 1800s and is all wood. About 10 years after the concert, the "Young Peoples Chapel" a much smaller but similar(historic/wood) building (about one third of the size) next to the auditorium burnt to the ground in about 20 minutes. My sister has one of the posters used to promote the concert. These were really beautiful posters. I gave it to her and I think she still has it. Next time I talk to her I will ask, since it has the concert date. . . I was a big fan of them back in the day and still have some of their vinyl. I taught myself how to play the mandolin due to their music. Tom Chew.

[Tour coordinator Bud Becker produced a memo from Day Artists Management Company showing the date as May 7, a show that was added after the original itinerary -- AB].

You are right about the date, May 7, 1974. I know for sure since I produced the concert through my company,  Mid-Heaven Productions. It was the only concert I produced and it took a year to convince the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association that I would select a group suitable for Ocean Grove's reputation.  And there were all sorts of conditions like a million dollar liability insurance policy, sell tickets only locally to attract as many locals as possible, no smoking anywhere, no lit matches or cigarette lighters inside and lots of paid security. Also, their janitor would clean up after the concert and I was to pay him which he did and I did. The huge American Flag would be lit only once, during the last song.  For "Diamond Girl" I rented four Super Trooper mega watt spotlights and set them in the four corners of the upper floor and aimed them at a huge mirror ball covered in black velvet.  When the first three notes of "Diamond Girl" were played off came the black velvet and millions of diamond reflections played across the audience much to their surprise and enjoyment.  I remember one moment when Jimmy Seals played his nose. England Dan and John Ford Coley opened. Being a documentary cinematographer at the time I quite naturally wanted to film it but [Marcia] Day, Day Management, never got back to me in time to put a crew together. On the night of the concert she showed up with her own crew and I told her "forget it" because the moment she showed a camera I would have the local police stop it since she needed a license and I had the only one. I was so furious I wouldn't talk to anyone connected to their group.  I thanked Jimmy and Dash just before they went on and they just walked past me without saying a word.  Except for the filming incident it was a wonderful night and personal experience for me.  I put all my profit into advertising and the beautiful poster you mentioned, security and backup sound, lights and back-up power and made $900.00 for a years work. (The Berardi Brothers put up $7,500.00 which was returned as soon as the tickets went on sale.  I and my family provided the remainder of the investment). The Camp meeting Association had never in the past, and since 1890 when the auditorium was built, allowed an outsider to produce anything in their auditorium.  I did and no other outsider has produced one since.  I was given notice by the Association that if they did it again the local township would tax the auditorium.  I spoke to with the township official and he said he did not say that.  I went back to the association and they asked me if I would work for them producing future concerts for them and I said "No."  I had, at the time, The grand Old Opry from Nashville lined up for a Square Dance Ho'down and NBC was going to film it and the town President tried to deal directly with NBC behind my back.  The NBC rep said he would try to get the Beatles for a three concert deal over 4th of July.  Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed who I filmed for an ABC documentary titled "TWANG,"  said they would give me a play date too.  Except for [Marcia] Day's behavior and the Association's lack of Faith, all in all it was a wonderful night and one I'm very proud of.  There were no "incidents" at all and the Asbury Park Press published a wonderfully complimentary Editorial on how well the concert was organized and how well everyone behaved. Richard F. Lacey.

May 9 Coliseum, Charlotte, NC  
May 10 Coliseum, Columbia, SC  
May 11 Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL  
May 12 Miami Beach Convention Center, Miami, FL My friend and I drove from Apollo Beach, FL (14 miles south of Tampa), to Miami for this concert. We were 17 years old. They were my favorite band at that point in my life. I needed a little more serenity in my life after going to concerts like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Black Oak Arkansas, AC/DC, etc.  The drive was well worth it because when we got there, somehow we managed to get backstage passes and after the concert was over, I got a guitar pick. I still have the ticket stub, backstage pass, and guitar pick. However, I can't prove that the guitar pick was given to me by either Seals or Crofts. It just says "Manning" on it and it is smaller than a regular guitar pick.  I do remember that I drove home on cloud 9 and this concert forever changed my genre in music.  I only drove to Miami for one other concert and that was for Bob Dylan (wish I still had that ticket stub). Rhonda Crowley.
May 13 PBS Soundstage

May 16 Omni, Atlanta, GA


May 18 Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Jacksonville, FL
May 19 Municipal Auditorium, Mobile, AL  
(May 21-22) Little Rock, AR This show was scratched from the itinery. Bud Becker, Tour Coordinator.
(May 23) Odessa, TX This show was scratched from the itinery. Bud Becker, Tour Coordinator.
June 30 Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ

Seals & Crofts, England Dan and John Ford Coley, Maria Muldaur, Souther, Furay and Hillman. America canceled when bass player became ill, so ED & JFC replaced. Tickets were $6.

The day before my friend June & I got together to play their songs and get psyched for the gig the next day. At one point after listening to several albums(!) we just wanted to take a look at the tickets...we couldn't find them!! Yikes !! After several painstaking minutes we realized that the air conditioner had blown them into a drawer...thankfully they were found. Well the next day we left early to get a good spot. This was a field with no seats so it was just a matter of waiting for the gates to open & running...well June & I must have run very quickly in that we were right by the gate in front of the stage. We were pleasantly surprised to see Dan & John   ....they were fantastic. I can't remember anything specific when Jim & Dash were on but what stands out is at the end of the concert. I saw some of the Baha'i Friends from Jersey City going backstage. My friend June & I didn't even have to say anything to each other....we just looked at each other and got on the line that was going backstage. It was an experience that I will always remember. We sat down with them and they offered if food & drink. It was very surreal. My friend June & I were on Cloud 9 after leaving New Jersey that day. Luann Scribani.

July 2 Roanoke Civic Center Coliseum, Roanoke, VA
July 3 Racetrack, Allentown, PA  
July 6 Atlantic City, NJ  
July 8 Tanglewood, Lennox, MA  
July 9-10 Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoya Falls, OH  
July 12 Milwaukee Summer Fest, Milwaukee, WI  
July 14 Louisville, KY  
July 24 Roanoke College, Salem, VA My first concert. I was 14. Jerry Cruise.
August 8 Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Seals & Crofts, Jesse Colin Young.


August 20-21 Red Rocks Summer Fest, Denver, CO  
August 23 Wisconsin State Fair Seals & Crofts, England Dan and John Ford Coley.
August 24 Mississippi River Festival  
August ? Ohio State University, Columbus OH My wife and I were big fans in the '70s. We went to their concert at St. John Arena, on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio. Unfortunately, St. John has the acoustics of a garbage can but they still sounded good. My favorite memory of that concert was when a member of the audience, who was seated near the stage, started speaking to them and asking questions. At one point, one of the guys (I don't remember if it was Jim or Dash) said, "Pardon us, while we hold up the concert, folks!" If I recall correctly, Hall & Oates opened, just before they hit it big. I don't remember the year of the concert (since most of the '70s is a blur to me). Jeff Glasser.
August ? Ohio State Fair, Columbus, OH I saw S & C at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, Ohio. That would have been in August 1974 or 1975. At the time, all entertainment was at the horse racing grandstand. FREE no less!! There was a VIP section at the stage for all the politicians and such. If it did not fill up, those who knew and were waiting in line were allowed in to fill the seats. We were waiting well before the show to get our VIP seats and happened to get to talking with the tour manager. She made sure we had good seats. My wife and sons were in VIP front row and my brother and I were on the musicians right front of the stage. If I remember correctly, I shot quite a few 35 mm slides. The show was fantastic. I remember hearing some fantastic picking and it was Dash really getting into it. Unfortunately, I do not recall nor believe we talked with Jimmy or Dash. Before the show, backstage Dan was walking around and we got in a hello or two. At the time ED & JFC were basically unknown. No hits yet. They opened the show. Larry Powell.
August 29 – September 1 Baha’i Five Year Plan Conference, Kiel Auditorium, St. Louis, MO

Seals & Crofts, England Dan and John Ford Coley, Russ Garcia. I was a children's Art teacher there at the conference, and had five of our six children with me--sons Tracy 14, Tim 12, Eric 11, and daughters Marzia 8 and Layli 3.  Of course we all went to the concert and helped sing "We Can Build A Beautiful World" with Russ Garcia, as he directed all of us in the audience as either Green People, Purple People or Baha'i People. I have copies of that "One Act Opera" and still use it in Children and Jr and Senior Youth classes! And then eventually Seals and Crofts came on stage to thunderous applause!! Everyone was so excited!  Finally around midnight as I remember, I reluctantly took Layli back to the hotel, leaving the 3 boys and Marzia to enjoy the rest of Seals and Crofts' singing, and to get back to the hotel on the shuttle buses that the Baha'is could use all over town. And of course they came in safely around 2 am!! An amazing time! And we have loved their music and followed their movements ever since. Sharonne Fogle, Oak Park, Michigan.

November 22 Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilani, MI  
November 24 Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL The "Pow Wow." It was my second real concert and the memories stick with me today. It remains one of my favorite concerts ever.  I remember being amazed when the emcee introduced [Jim Seals] as the Texas State Fiddle Champion at the age of 8! It was a cold night in Tallahassee, but the guys were great.  The versatility they showed with several different instruments was truly amazing. The songs performed that night are benchmarks of a sort for me, helping to define that period in my life. They are still among my favorites and I enjoy listening to them. Richard Clark.

- 1975 -
Date Venue Notes
January 5 Selland Arena, Fresno, CA My friend Jim Butler and I stood in line a couple hours to secure good seats since it was first come, first served. We were in the first dozen people there and sat in the front row. Under my winter coat was a backpack with a cassette recorder, but it had no tapes or batteries. In my boots were the batteries and tapes. I recorded the whole show with my recorder wrapped inside my jacket, and surprisingly it turned out fairly good. I still have the tape and a photograph from the evening. Little did I know that it was exactly 5 years to the day before my wedding. (I still have her as well!). Set list: Opening Instrumental, Summer Breeze, King of Nothing (with a magnificent baroque horn and woodwinds opening), Windflowers, We May Never Pass This Way Again, Ruby Jean and Billie Lee, Hummingbird, Bonaparte’s Retreat, Desert People, The Gate, High On a Mountain, Ridin’ Thumb, Standing on a Mountain Top, Diamond Girl and a couple fiddle songs that Dash introduced as “Foot Stompin’, Hand-Clappin; Hog Callin’ Music.” (Rick Lindholtz) [Rick sent me an mp3 of the opening instrumental, which is an unknown 7 1/2 minute jazz fusion piece with Jimmy on tenor sax offstage and two trumpet or flugelhorn solos, possibly by Dizzy Gillespie - TB]
January 25 Municipal Stadium, Evansville, IN
January or February C.B. Hedgecock Fieldhouse, Northern Michigan University, Marquette, MI I'll never forget it, because it was my first concert. I was 15. Me and two friends stood outside for 2 hours in near zero weather so we would get seats near the stage. I remember the show closing with Diamond Girl as it was the first time I also ever saw one of those exploding lights. Great show. (Joe Barr, Negaunee, Michigan). [Joe probably is referring to a large mirror ball, which S&C often used during Diamond Girl at the time - TB]
February 6 Kolf Sport Center, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh, WI


February or March War memorial, Syracuse, NY

England Dan and John Ford Coley, Seals & Crofts. I attended a S and C concert at the Syracuse NY, War Memorial during Feb or March of 1975. I remember they were late because of inclement winter weather. What a show it was. They did " Diamond Girl " twice because the crowd demanded it. The place was sold out and they rocked it. England Dan and John ford Cooley(sp) opened the show. Memorable and too long ago! (Garry Whittaker).


March 5 Indiana State University, Hulman Civic University Center, Terre Haute, IN Festival seating. $5.50 in advance, $6.50 at the door.
March 6 Wisconsin State University, Kolf Sports Center, Oshkosh, WI Shows at 8 and 11.
March 11-16 Uris Theatre, New York, NY

There were a total of 6 performances...I went to 3 of them ...yikes. I was 21 then. Joshua was on stage with Jimmy dancing during the hoe-down segments.   :) (Luann Scribani).

Furs were stolen from Marcia Day's hotel room while she slept. Bud Becker, Tour Coordinator.

March 17 Boston Music Hall, Boston, MA Shows at 7:30 and 10:30.
March 19 ? Mike Douglas Show.
March 19 Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA  
March 21 Niagra Falls Convention Center, Niagra Falls, NY Tickets were $6.50. It was the "I'll Play For You" tour. I had a few really nice photos of Jim behind stage signing autographs. Erin Hagag.
March 22 Aire Crown Theater, Chicago, IL  
March 24 Central Michigan University, Mount Pleasant, MI  
March 28 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN

I was a student at Vanderbilt University in Nashville 1972-1976. They played there at least once. The ticket stub you have doesn't say but it almost sounds as though it was for Memorial Gym. When I went, they played in the old Neely Auditorium with the wood floors and acoustics. Supposedly they were recording the concert for an album but I don't find any reference to an album made at Vanderbilt in the published discography. After the concert was over and at least half of the audience had left, they came back out and played some more, lots of fiddle music as I recall, and those of us who had not left were invited down onto the main floor where we all stood in front of the stage and clapped and cheered and stamped our feet as they played -- I recall they stuck around for almost 30 minutes. I don't remember any talks about their religion or handouts. It was just a great concert. And it may well have been March 1975. I just don't have the date in my memory banks. BJ Strickland.

March 29 Beach Club, Charleston, SC  
March or April Halsey Field House, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD I was a First Class Midshipman at the US Naval Academy in 1975.  That spring, either March or April, I cannot remember the exact date, Seals and Crofts performed in the Halsey Field House [at] the US Naval Academy.  As a Midshipman in the DC area I was able to see a few memorable concerts -- Tom Rush, Loggins and Messina, Mary Traverse, James Taylor, Richie Havens -- sailors are BIG music fans.  Seals and Crofts' performance was very special especially in comparison to some of the greats I saw during that time frame. T. Kapurch.
April 3 Allen Field House, University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS Seals & Crofts, Walter Heath. Probably the worst acoustics I have ever [heard] at a concert.  It is a basketball arena. (Mark Dillman). Tony, the ticket I have for the Allen Field House was 3 April 1975. He [Mark Dillman] says it was 4 April. Maybe they played two in a row, but that would be unusual unless you are Bruce Springsteen. (Shawn Shumake). April 3, 1975, Lawrence, KS, is correct.  I double checked my clippings. (Mark Dillman)
April 4 Mike Douglas Show, episode 2930 Flip Wilson concludes his co-hosting duties for the week; guests include singer Tina Turner, sportscaster Jane Chastain, singer Walter Heath and Seals and Crofts who perform "I'll Play For You" and Walter sings, "You Know You're Wrong, Don't You Brother." (anonymous contribution by "Mr. Mesquite Tree")
May 10 Queens Park Rangers Football Ground, London

Yes, Seals & Crofts, Gryphon, Ace. (Leo Lyons)

May 14 Cobo Hall, Detroit, MI  
May 31 Tampa Stadium, Tampa, FL Eagles, Seals & Crofts, Linda Ronstadt, Charlie Daniels Band, Randy Meisner.
June 6 Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI

Seals & Crofts, Harry Chapin, Michael Murphey.

June 11 Dome Arena, Rochester, NY A sellout crowd! Erin Hagag.
June 30 War Memorial, Syracuse, NY

Seals & Crofts, England Dan & John Ford Coley.

July 4 Salpointe High School Football Stadium, Tucson, AZ

Michael Murphey, Seals & Crofts

Michael Murphey scheduled to open but did not appear (Filiberto J. Islas).

July 19 Roosevelt Stadium, Jersey City, NJ

Eagles, Seals & Crofts, Poco. This was a sellout with 30,000 people in the stands. The gross was a whopping $225,000. (


July 20 Summerfest, Rich Stadium in Orchard Park, NY

Eagles, Seals & Crofts, Judy Collins, (Dan Fogelberg?) . (Erin Hagag).

According to the contract below, S&C went on for a 75 min. perfomance at 11:30, and were paid 20K plus a take of the gate over threshold.

July 25 Dayton Hydroglobe Music Festival, Dayton, OH Seals & Crofts, Poco. Man what a blast from the past. My fiance (now wife) who lived in Kettering OH (Dayton suburb) went to this concert at Carillon Park (that was it was known as then as there was an active bell tower that played there). It was great!! And it was FREE!!! I believe that it was sponsored by a radio station in Dayton but I don't remember the call sign. Even with the gnats and mosquitos it was a good time and there were scads of people there. Played the cassette tapes in the car on the way there and back. (Boy those were the days! 6X9 speakers with whizzer cones in the rear deck and 10 watts per channel under-dash cassette player/FM tuner on a side-out mount but couldn't afford a Dolby deck 'cause it was too new and expensive!) Great memories that come back every time I play the albums! (Kevin Popplewell, Rochester NY). Poco listing from
July 27 New England Folk Festival, Stoneham, ME Poco, Richie Havens, Seals & Crofts, others. Final day of a three day event. (
August 1 Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, NC
August 9 Palace Theater, Albany, NY My first concert ever. I was 14, and I took my 9-year-old sister--we definitely got a lot of looks! Great show in a great venue--I hope they tour again. Gary Perkinson.
August 15 Mesker Music Center, Evansville, IN

Batdorf & Rodney, Harry Chapin, Seals & Crofts.

I could barely contain myself.  Our seats were up kind of high but I could see there was some room on the floor RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE STAGE so my niece and I went down and I parked myself right in front of Dash (whom I had a GIGANTIC crush on).  I took a few pictures and just could not believe I was that close to the guys whose albums I played over and over again and had loved for years. I forget who opened for them that night but my niece thinks it was Harry Chapin and the more she says that, the more I think she could be right...but then I had seen him too in concert at another time so maybe I'm just remembering him from that. The ticket stub doesn't show the opening act. The price was $6.50. (Barb in NJ)

I attended the concert in Evansville, IN in the summer of 1975 with my cousin. Batdorf & Rodney opened the show followed by Harry Chapin then S & C. It was a festival seating show and we grabbed some seats, but as the show progressed we saw people moving to the floor in front of the stage, so we followed. My cousin had his sketch pad with him and was doing some drawings of the performers. Some journalist from the local paper saw him sketching and ask if we would like to go backstage and see if S & C would autograph his drawings. We got backstage and met the guys, got the autographs and talked to them briefly. It was a great experience. I will never forget the encounter as I was a fan of their's then and now. [Rick Mann. Rick contributed drawings of S&C for the fan club newsletters and although he lost much of his artwork in a 2012 fire, copies of the newsletters survive today - AB]

August 19-20 Blossom Music Center, Cuyahoga Falls, OH Seals & Crofts, Poco. What a night! It was my 18th birthday. They started with Hummingbird, and the sound system was having problems. They couldn't hear themselves. That got fixed, and the concert went on through the lovely summer night. I was out on the lawn with my beautiful, blue-eyed blond girlfriend of the time. She's still beautiful, still a friend, married long since to another friend (no regrets), and has two lovely daughters. That night, though, out on the lawn, I not only enjoyed the, for me at that time, rare treat of actually having a date, but also the thrill of seeing the group I'd discovered by myself. (I had a lot of other musical influences from a lot of older siblings.) I had all their albums and they didn't play a song I didn't know. Except, perhaps, portions of the extended hoedown all their concerts ended with in those days. (Joe Gunderman).
August 25 Veterans Memorial Coliseum, New Haven, CT
September 1 Oregon State Fair, Salem, OR
September 30 ?

Batdorf & Rodney, Seals & Crofts


October 18 Provo, UT

I toured with Seals & Crofts back in the 70's. My first two shows were in October 75. The first one was in Provo, Utah, on 10-18. I remember watching Paul Simon on SNL from Jeff Porcoro's hotel room after the show. Their truck had broken down and my company was hired to drive up from San Diego to do sound. I had helped their monitor mixer, Randy Ezratty, since our system was rather unusual. As a result we made Jeff very happy and that's how I got to know him. Doug Sclar.

October 19 Logan, UT Seals & Crofts, Billy Joel. It was great because the opening act was Billy Joel. I mixed his monitors and it was quite a thrill as I was only a few feet away from him. Doug Sclar.
December 10 El Paso County Coliseum, El Paso, TX


December 13 New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT  

- 1976 -
Date Venue Notes
January 1 Diamond Head Crater, Diamond Head, HI [It was a] free concert held right inside of the crater (now extinct of course). The groups I remember being there: Stampeders, Bachman Turner Overdrive, to name a few and of course Seals and Crofts. Their set was flawless. They were always right on key. And their music will live on and be revived. . .I was right up front and center at this concert. You could look straight ahead and see under the stage to a staircase directly in the center rear leading up to center stage. For a fleeting moment just before Seals and Crofts were waiting to be announced, I peered through and saw them waiting at the bottom of the stairway, instruments in hand. It was kind of cool as I was the only one looking right at them from the crowd side and I just have a visual-mental photo of the moment. They are great musicians! (George Watson)
May 15 University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA From Doug Sclar.
June 13 Mountain Air '76 -Calaveras County Fairgrounds, Angels Camp, CA Seals & Crofts, Poco, Pure Prarie League. This was a sell-out performance with nearly 10,000 in attendance according to Amusement Business. (
June 24 Providence Civic Center, Providence, RI Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
June 25 Hersey Park Arena, Hershey, PA Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
June 26 War Memorial, Rochester, NY Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
June 27 Tanglewood, Lennox, MA Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
June 29 Saratoga Performing Arts Center, Saratoga, NY Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
June 30 Onandogo War Memorial, Syracuse, NY Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
July 1 Meriwether Post Pavillion, Columbia, MD

Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.

July 2 Syria Mosque, Pittsburgh, PA Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
July 3 Cape Cod Coliseum, Cape Cod, MA Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
July 5 Central Maine Youth Center, Lewison, ME

Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.

July 6 Bangor Auditorium, Bangor, ME Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
July 7 New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
July 8 Erie Fieldhouse, Erie, PA Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
July 10 California State University, California, PA Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
July 12-13 Blossom Music Festival, Cuyahoga Falls, OH Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Pure Prarie League. Outdoor concert. Pure Prairie League opened for them. I had backstage passes for both days. I also had autographs and photos taken with both Jim and Dash. It was a young teenage girls dream come true. Erin Hagag.
July 14 Philadelphia Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA Seals & Crofts, Carolyn Willis, Deardorff & Joseph.
July 19-21 Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA From Doug Sclar.
July 20 ABC Television Special, 48 minutes Perform Summer Breeze, We May Never Pass This Way Again, Diamond Girl, Thunderfoot, Baby Blue, Hummingbird, Advance Guards and more.
July 23 Golden Hall, San Diego, CA From Doug Sclar.
July 26 or August 1-2 Montana State Fair, Great Falls, MT

Two shows were performed: one at 7 p.m. and one at 9:30 p.m. I went to the late concert with my brother and his date (which really ticked him off, but mom said...). It was my first concert, and the first time I ever smelled weed. But what a great concert! I became a huge fan of theirs and still have all their albums. I even learned to play the mandolin by playing "Freaks Fret" over and over. Those were the days! (Name withheld).

I had just graduated from C.M. Russell High School in May 1976.  Having been an active 4-H'er since grade school, this was also the last year I exhibited my 4-H steers.  I went to the later concert on that July evening. The concert ended up closing early because of a severe thunder and lightening storm. I was always a huge S&C fan thanks to my older sister Linda.  Imagine my thrill and delight when I was preparing to lead one of my two steers into the auction ring when Seals and Crofts and (forgot her name) the lady touring with them from the 'Sudan Village' lp came strolling through the barn the next day and stopped and talked to me and petted my calf.  All I remember is probably looking like a fool with my jaw dropped to the floor and explaining what the purpose of 4-H was and why all these kids were leading 1000 lb. plus cattle around like dogs on a leash.  I just had this flashback after hearing the original 'We May Never Pass This Way Again' and my husband wondered if they were still alive. I Googled them to find out, and lo and behold I went to their website and found the date of the concert!  I have never forgotten about them coming through the barn the next day and have always loved that particular song because I think it was the theme for my senior prom or homecoming AND Seals and Crofts dedicated it to my graduating class at the concert, which, as I recall was the last song played because they were playing on an open area. Lori Gehret.

Dates were actually August 1 and 2, according to Doug Sclar.

July 29 Edmonton, Alberta From Doug Sclar.
August 3-4 Denver, CO From Doug Sclar.
August 6 Omaha, NE From Doug Sclar.
August 6 The Midnight Special Seals & Crofts appear with Peter Frampton, James Brown, Alice Cooper, Rhythm Heritage and Alice Cooper.
August 7 Des Moines, IA From Doug Sclar.
August 8 Bloomington, MN From Doug Sclar.
August 9-10 Minneapolis, MN Closed rehearsals only. From Doug Sclar.
August 13 Springfield, IL From Doug Sclar.
August 14-15 Pontiac, MI From Doug Sclar.
August 15 Pine Knob Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI
August 17 Milwaukee, WI From Doug Sclar.
August 18 Chicago, IL From Doug Sclar.
August 20 Hays, KS From Doug Sclar. I was just starting my senior year of high school, and my husband was in college. The night was thrilling for us both and was the start of a relationship that resulted in a marriage that is in its 34th year. We wish Seals and Crofts were still performing. Iris and Matt Riggs.
August 21 Tulsa, OK From Doug Sclar.
August 22 Louiseville, KY From Doug Sclar.
August 24 Columbia, SC From Doug Sclar.
August 25 Atlanta, GA From Doug Sclar.
August 27 Portland, OR From Doug Sclar.
August 28 Seattle, WA From Doug Sclar.
September 10-11 Las Vegas, NV Recorded live, most likely for the Sudan Village album. Doug Sclar.
September 17 Kansas State Fair, Hutchinson, KS I have the next day newspaper article from the Hutchinson News. Mark Dillman. Also verified by Doug Sclar.
September 18 Kansas City, MO From Doug Sclar.
October 1 Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, TN

From Doug Sclar.

October 2 Little Rock, AR From Doug Sclar.
October 29 Jacksonville, MS From Doug Sclar.
October 30 Murphy Athletic Center, Middle Tennessee State, Murfreesboro, TN Seals & Crofts, Michael Murphy.
November 2 Atlanta, GA From Doug Sclar.
November 3 Mobile, AL From Doug Sclar.
November 4 Huntsviile, AL From Doug Sclar.
November 5 Birmingham, AL From Doug Sclar.
November 6 Bowling Green, KY From Doug Sclar.
November 9 Johnson City, TN From Doug Sclar.
November 10 Richmond, VA From Doug Sclar.
November 11 Norfolk, VA From Doug Sclar.
November 12 Towson, MD From Doug Sclar.
November 13 West Point, NY From Doug Sclar.
November 15 Hartford, CT From Doug Sclar.

- 1977 -
Date Venue Notes
January 7 San Fernando High School, San Fernando, CA From Doug Sclar.
February 19 Santa Barbara, CA From Doug Sclar.
February 20 Leavey Activity Center, University of Santa Clara, Santa Clara, CA
March 4 St. Louis, MO


April 30 Concord Pavillion, Concord, CA

Kenny Rankin, Seals & Crofts.

One of my wife's great gifts to me is a scrapbook of (almost) all the concerts we've been to together.. So when I checked your page to find the first S&C show we saw, it wasn't there! Looks like there is a gap in your reporting for shows in 1977. So lety me add a show for you. . . Joe Field

May Kings Dominion, Doswell, VA They did two shows, and I skipped some school to go. But I'm sure I got permission. I think all the teachers understood my 16-year-old priorities. Shawn Shumake.
June 11, 12 Atlantis Theater at Sea World, Orlando, FL

Danny Deardorff, Seals & Crofts.

I have the contract. There were two shows both days, and they got $36,500 total. Shawn Shumake.

I saw them at Sea World in Orlando Florida.  I was about 12.  I am 51 now.  A long time ago.  They had an opening act that was a little person who played a mandolin, I think. If there is any way to prove this, I'm happy to share.  It was my first concert.  I LOVED IT!  And still love the music. Ginger Scott.

August   I just found your list of concerts. WOW!! I saw them at Six Flags Over Texas in I believe August of 1977. I had to choose between going to see them and attending a friend's wedding. We went just to see them, didn't ride any rides or anything. They didn't disappoint. Liz Sulak.
August 3-4 Blossom Music Festival, Cuyahoga Falls, OH Seals & Crofts, Firefall. I had backstage passes. Erin Hagag.
August 15 Pine Knob Music Theatre, Clarkston, MI

Seals & Crofts, Firefall.

From Doug Sclar.

September 9 Maui, HI From Doug Sclar.
September 10 Blaisdell Center Arena, Honolulu, HI It was my first and only date with June C., a fellow runner. I wish that I had kept up with June. She was refreshing to be around, as well as, pretty and thoughtful. Any way thoughts of her always come to mind when I think back on S&C. It was a onetime date due to her parents' rules that the daughters could only go out with a guy once. The performance was easy going, enjoyable, and their songs sounded even better than they did on the radio. Their soundtrack for 'One on One' made the movie memorable. It made a big impression on me because I saw it about a week before going to preseason training with the OSU Cross-Country team in Bend, Oregon. I was a little concerned about the harshness and demands of sports on college student athletes. My limited experience at OSU was very enjoyable. I never did earn a scholarship, but experienced the dream with some fun men under the coaching of Dean Smith. Dennis M. Hansen.
September 20 South Dakota Airport pickup, according to Doug Sclar.
September 21 San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA Dinah Shore TV taping
September 30 - October 2 Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA From Doug Sclar.

- 1978 -
Date Venue Notes
May 3 Rock'N'Roll Sports Classic (NBC-TV) Features the The Jacksons, ELO, Rod Stewart, Seals & Crofts, Commodores, Boston, Marilyn McCoo, Sha Na Na, Kenny Loggins, Runaways, Earth,Wind, & Fire. An 83 minute poor quality video is available at This likely profiles S&C's hosting of the "Seals & Crofts National Golf Invitational."
May or June Kings Dominion, Doswell, VA (Shawn Shumake)
July 8 Melody Fair, North Tonawanda, NY It was a sold-out show. Dash wore a white safari outfit and panama hat. They had a back-up quartet. Here are the songs they sang: Takin' it easy, One more time, Midnight blue, You're the love, Breakin' in a brand new love, My fair share, The boy down the road, windflowers, hand clappin foot stompin hog callin, Ruby jean and billie lee, and a medley of summer breeze, hummingbird, I'll play for you, get closer and diamond girl and Put your love in my hands. The newspaper article called You're the love "one of the few bright spots in the parade of summer singles." The list of songs was from my scrapbook, not the paper. There wasn't a warm-up act. The '78 concert was the last page in my scrapbook. Thus ending a 4 year obsession. I started university in September of that year and though I still listened, I didn't add anything to my collection. Erin Hagag.
July 18 Pine Knob Music Theatre,Clarkston, MI
July 23 Jones Beach Theatre, Wantagh, NY  
August 4 or 8 Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, Buffalo, NY

Eagles, Seals & Crofts, Judy Collins, Dan Fogelberg.

August 19 Plant Field Tampa, FL

"Tampa Jam 1" with Atlanta Rhythm Section, Seals & Crofts, Black Oak Arkansas, Alvin Lee and Ten Years After, Joe Cocker, Wet Willie and the Cooper Brothers.

August 27 Paramount Theatre, Portland, OR

Seals and Crofts, Deardorff & Joseph. Promo posters invites fans to participate in the “next live LP” to be recorded at this concert. No LP was released, however, and no master is found in the Warner Bros. archives.


- 1979 -
Date Venue Notes
April 14 Sunrise Musical Theatre, Sunrise, FL
April 19-26 The Mill Run, Hilliard, OH Seals & Crofts, Steve Bluestein. According to Steve's scrap book.
April 27-28 The Front Row Theater, Cleveland, OH Seals & Crofts, Steve Bluestein. According to Steve's scrap book.
August 6 MGM Grand, Las Vegas, NV Seals & Crofts, Steve Bluestein. According to Steve's scrap book. Additional gigs the following week in Reno.
September 28 Greek Theater, Los Angeles, CA Bootleg has the following set list: I’ll Play For You, 29 Years From Texas, Get Closer, Never Live Without Your Love (unreleased from The Longest Road sessions), One More Time, Dust On My Saddle, Hoe-Down, Ruby Jean & Billie Lee, My Fair Share, Hummingbird, You’re the Love, Diamond Girl, Put Your Love In My Hands, Friends (song by Paul Parrish, never known to be recorded by S & C). Update: some bootlegs of the bootleg mistakenly indicate that it was at the Hollywood Bowl. "I attended the concert. In fact, I'm the guy who bootlegged it (listed on your web page); and still possess the original master tapes of the concert. If you have a CD of the concert, I'm also the guy who mastered it to CD. If you have a cassette, then you'll want to get a CD because I've taken out some of the noise through audio software. Sorry the sound quality still isn't the greatest. The S&C concert was only the 2nd concert I taped with my new recording gear, and I still hadn't even received my stereo mics by that time." (Name Withheld).

- 1980 -
Date Venue Notes
September Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, MO Part of a Baha'i Youth Conference. Mark Dillman.
November 8 Performing Arts Coliseum, Washington State University, Pullman, WA Seals & Crofts, Danny Deardorf.
- 1989 -
Date Venue Notes
February 16 Los Angeles, CA Seals & Crofts perform following a presentation of a highly publicized document from the Baha'i Universal House of Justice, "The Promise of World Peace."

- 1992 -
Date Venue Notes
June 23 Sound FX, San Diego, CA  
June 24 Hops Niteclub, City of Industry, CA  
June 26 Theatre Ventura, Ventura, CA  
June 27 Coach House, San Juan Capistrano, CA  
June 28 Strand, Redondo Beach, CA  
June 29 Konocti Harbor Resort, Kelseyville, CA  
June 30- July 1 Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA  
July 3 Promenade Park, Toledo, OH  
July 4 Arlington Heights Frontier Day, Arlington Heights, IL  
July 5 "Celebrate '92" Festival, Higley Field, Marinette, WI Seals & Crofts, Ronnie Prophet, Little Vito and the Torpedoes. Seals & Crofts played a set in the afternoon and one in the evening.  I remember it was quite warm that day.  They didn't play a lot of hits but what they played was excellent!  I had most of their albums but didn't recognize all of the songs.  I had brought some of my album jackets with in hopes of getting them signed.  I had brought two friends along to the show also and one of them wanted to leave after the afternoon gig so I didn't get to see the evening show.  As we were leaving, we stopped at the gate before exiting to finish our beers.  I don't recall if they had a tour bus or Winnebago.  I think it was a tour bus.  It was very nice.  Anyway, I was looking at it and the next thing you know, Dash comes out of it and heads over toward me.  He said, "Hi.  I noticed you had all of those albums with you.  Would you like to come inside?"  So he let my two friends and I inside their fenced in area and took us inside a building next to the vehicle that had food and refreshments for the artists and told us to help ourselves.  Then he went and got Jim.  They signed all of my albums that I had brought and he said goodbye and headed back out to the vehicle.  Jim continued to talk with us for quite some time.  He asked where I got my albums from.  I told him I had bought them shortly after they were released.  He said that customs had confiscated all of his albums when he moved to Costa Rica so at the time he said he didn't even own his own music.  He said that Dash was living in Australia so they didn't get together often anymore.  (I hadn't realized just how seldom they got together until I found your site!)  He mentioned the album Down Home to me because I didn't have it.  He highly recommended it saying he thought I would like it and went on to tell me a little bit about it.  I don't know if he actually came right out and said it, but he made it out like it was his favorite album of what they had recorded.  He also reminisced about playing at the Fillmore.  He said a few weeks after playing there he wanted to see Thelonius Monk who was going to be appearing at the Fillmore and he tried to get some good tickets for the show through them.  The fact that he had just performed there gave him no pull and he ended up with seats very far from the stage.  I don't remember much more about that day, but it was sure a fun ride home with the top down on that beautiful July day! (Les Peterson).
July 7 Gerald R. Ford Amphitheatre, Vail, CO  
July 9 Denver Zoo, Denver, CO


July 10 Symphony Hall. Salt Lake City, UT  
July 30 Front Row Theatre, Highland Heights, OH  
July 31 Rochester Hills, MI  
August 1 Word Friendship Shell, Bay City, MI  
August 2 Star Plaza Theatre, Merrillville, IN  
August 3 Holiday Inn Convention Center, Stevens Point, WI  
August 4 State Theatre, Minneapolis, MN  
August 6 Ozark Empire Fair, Springfield, MO  
August 7 Midland Theater, Kansas City, MO Little River Band, Seals and Crofts. Contributed by Kennan Zishka.
August 8 Town & Country Fair, Washington, MO  
August 9 Rapids On the Reservoir, Branden, MS  
August 10 Heyman Pac, Lafayette, LA  
August 12 Chastain Park, Atlanta, GA  
August 14 Warner Theatre, Erie, PA  
August 15 Melody Fair Thetare, Tonawanda, NY  
August 16 Cassino Ballroom, Hampton Beach, NH  
August 18 Ontario Place, Toronto, ON  
August 19 Mid Hudson Civic Center, Poughkeepsie, NY  
August 20 Valley Forge Music Fair, Devon, PA  
August 21 Kirby Center, Wilkes-Barre, PA  
August 22 Pier Six Concert Pavillion, Baltimore, MD Seals & Crofts, Little River Band. I recall a singer from Player was with the LRB, and I rrecall they did "Baby Come Back" -- an added bonus before the main attraction. I know Seals and Crofts did not do "I'll Play For You." I had hoped they would but I seem to recall Jim wasn't a big fan of that song. My big memory of this was sneaking backstage between sets (Statute of Limitations has run). They were changing out and there was lots of activity with the LRB breaking down and S&C getting ready. Dash walked by. I abourt passed out but was worried about getting thrown out. So I just sat down in a chair next to the wall. I figured I would look like I belonged. No one said anything to me. I concluded security was lax. Dash was nearby talking. I saw Jimmy coming down some stairs. Then after a few moments, I figured it was time to get out of there while I still could under good terms. Shawn Shumake.
August 23 Westbury Music Fair, Westbury, NY  
August 25 Western Idaho Fair, Boise, ID  
August 28 Oregon State Fair, Salem, OR  
August 29 Benton Franklin County Fair, Kennewick, WA  
August 30 Evergreen State Fair, Monroe, WA  
September 2 New York State Fair, Syracuse, NY  

- Oddities (In Parentheses)
More Info Needed! -

Date Venue Notes
    Hello, thank you so much for your Seals & Crofts info.  I have loved their music from ... way, way back. I saw Seals & Crofts at Ohio State University at the theater on High Street across from campus, cant remember name. It was an old movie theater.  I attended OSU 1969-70, thinking concert had to be spring 1970 as the weather was very warm.  Also before June 1970 as campus anti war demos going on and before Kent State. Everyone was invited after the concert to "The Oval" while S & C talked about their Baha'i faith.  Please let me know if you find additional info on this concert. Jackie Blaney.
    I was at a concert in the spring of 1971 at Green Mountain College in Poultney, Vermont. It was fantastic!  That's all I can tell you.  It was the 70's after all. Robin R. Crowell.
    I saw them on long island, new york, in either 1970 or 1971. i am sorry, i do not remember the venue. all i know is that i had to borrow a driver's license from a friend (as i was not 18 yet) to get into the bar or wherever they were playing. and the highlight was that before the concert, we were walking around near the venue and jimmy seals walked by. we were too shy to say anything to him. Susan Maasch.
    I had the wonderful luck to see these guys in small venues in San Antonio area, most notably at Trinity University’s auditorium. I saw them about dozen times, and more than four of these times there were only Jimmy Seals, Dash Crofts and Rob Lichtig, who doubled as their ‘roadie’ and who did some backup on bass and percussion, (and who I had the chance to date once!) The first time I saw S&C, they were touring with a guy who did a ‘lightshow’ to music; it was quite fanciful and I believe the show was called “Allison’s Wonderland” or some play on words to the “Alice in Wonderland” novel, or something quite similar. Allison was the headliner here! Kim Thompson.
    I was just at the Seals and Crofts concerts website and noticed that you don't have any Canadian dates for the boys. They did a show in Canada called The Ian Tyson Show in 1971 (I think. I would have been ten when I saw them.). I found a web site that lists the performance, but that's all I can find.   The show aired on CFTO (channel 9) in Toronto, Ontario. David Kucharski

The second time I saw them was in the fall of 1972, at the baseball park in Phoenix (can't remember name of it). By then, they had hits (Summer Breeze). Dion opened for them.  Much larger setting, less intimacy. David Lively


I saw a TV show in the 70s that had a large jam with several guitar players, and Seals and Croft.  The song they werejamming on may have been Johnny B. Goode, but not certain. All of the blazers weren't really very impressive, until Dash Crofts burned the place down on the mandolin. Do you recall this show? Do you remember when, what show, etc..? Jim Hiatt

    I know that I was at a concert at Hershey, PA in 1972. Unfortunately, I don't think I still have the stub so cannot remember the date. I do not see it on your list, but I know I was there! It was my first concert. My older brother took me. Afterwords, they asked anyone interested to stay and come down to the floor in front of the stage and they talked about the Bahai' faith. I belonged to the Official Fan Club for a period of time (president Toni Bodnar whose name I see on your concert list.) I still have some of that correspondence - which, coincidently, I found a few days ago when cleaning my attic. Gee - I am a horder, but now an organized one! These guys were a big influence in my life. I ultimately did my senior term paper on the Bahai' faith. And, subsequently when my first child was born, I gave her the middle name of Jasmine (for "the Jasmine in my mind".) Well, I just wanted to give a shout and tell you I was definitely at a concert in Hershey (if it wasn't 1972 it was 1973, but I know I was a sophomore in High School and my brother was not home too long from being in the Army. He came home around Feb. 1972.) Thanks for the memories, Terry Winters.
    In late 1973 or early 1974, Seals and Crofts played a concert in Atlanta with England Dan and John Ford Coley opening.  I was asked by the Atlanta LSA to make sure they got to a fireside after the concert. I went down the Omni a little before the concert to be introduced and was invited back stage to the warm up room.  I got to chat a little bit with Jimmy and Dash.  I guess I was expecting some of the rock star attitude, but I was just totally blown away by how humble Jimmy was.  He seemed totally aware that all this “stardom” was strictly a passing phase that would be over in about 2 years but in the meantime they would try and take full advantage of the opportunities to teach the Faith.  I didn’t get much chance to talk to Dash.  I remember we all said a round of prayers and then I left so they could finish getting ready. The concert was great and afterward we all rode over to a nearby YMCA where Jimmy and Dash gave a fireside to a room full of folks.  I’ll never forget this opportunity and how humble and devoted Jimmy was. Marvin Peck.
    They played a concert (a kind of "coming home" concert) in Abilene, Texas sometime in 1975. I think it was spring because I remember wearing a light jacket. Since I lived a short distance from Cisco, I went to visit Dash's Mom and Dad at their home in town as I had done before. It just so happened that Dash was in town and at the time was visiting Cisco High School. After a few minutes, Dash came home and we all sat and talked for awhile. We even watched an interview on TV that Dash had taped at one of the Abilene TV stations earlier that day. I even had a couple of photos of me and Dash and his Mom and Dad. The photos haven't survived the years, so Dash, if you're reading this, if the original photos still exist, I'd sure like some copies. They were highly treasured. I remember that Mrs. Crofts told me that she had recently sold the piano Dash used to play at home. Dash had a full beard, was wearing a black western Chambray shirt, jeans and black pointed toe cowboy boots. The concert was great and a lot of Dash's family and friends were in attendance. Jim and Dash's monitors were the small kind that stood on legs instead of sitting on the floor and they kept having trouble with them and they were easy to knock over. After the show, the only band member I got to talk to was the drummer, Jeff Porcaro, who was very cool and we talked about drums and all of the bands or sessions he had played in including Steely Dan. He played a crystal clear set of Ludwigs. Dash told me that he received them as a gift from Boz Scaggs. This was the only Seals and Crofts concert I was ever able to attend, but I've been a lifelong fan. And R.I.P. to Mr. and Mrs. Crofts; they were very kind people and very respected in the community. Shane Hall, De Leon, Texas
I saw Seals and Crofts in concert twice in Wichita, Kansas. Summer of 1974, I believe, at Century II Auditorium and Summer 1975 at Wichita State University. After the 1974 concert they hosted a fireside at the home of a local Baha'i. Dozens of people were there in the back yard until late. I also saw them in the Summer of 1976 in Hays, Kansas at Fort Hays State University in the basketball arena. We took Jimmy Seals with us back to a house where a few Baha'i girls lived who where students there. We had a front yard fireside 'till way-late that night and the place was packed.  Maybe 50-100 people where there. Seals and Crofts performed at the National Baha'i Youth conference at Municipal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1980, September I think. Mark Dillman.

I lived in Orlando during S&C’s heyday, and I’m pretty sure I saw them every time they appeared there. There were definitely at least three concerts, probably between early 1974 and 1976. I didn’t see any of my concerts listed on your page, and don’t remember the dates, although the third one was probably in the spring or fall because it was at an outdoor amphitheater and I remember that the weather was pleasant. The first concert was at the Jai Alai Fronton in Fern Park, and England Dan & John Ford Coley opened.  I was a newlywed and attended with my husband.  Our seats were fairly high up, and we were way over to the performers’ right.  During Audience Participation, I noticed my husband looking around the floor at our feet.  I asked him what he was looking for, and he said “my wedding ring”.  His hands had gotten so sweaty and slippery that his ring had come off, and I had visions of it sailing through the air across the room, smacking someone in the head.  He did find it on the floor. The second one was at the same place, with Minnie Riperton opening.  My husband was working and I attended with a friend.  Our seats were much better than the year before. The third one was at the amphitheater at Sea World, and Deardorf and Joseph opened.  The most exciting part of that concert was that the band stayed at the hotel where I worked the night shift at the front desk!  One of the entourage (he told me he was the pilot, but who knows……I was young and naïve.  I do remember his name:  Pete Fumigalli, which may or may not be spelled correctly) did get me autographs on my Summer Breeze album that I had brought with me, just in case.  I still have that album. Well, I still have all my albums. Marilyn Sobel

    Seals and Crofts played at Brigham Young University in the mid 70's. My big sister Pam went. The notable thing about it was that they had long hair, and at BYU all the males were supposed to have short hair. Neil Diamond had just come through town, and there was a brouhaha over the length of his hair. Would he get it cut, or wear it in a ponytail? He said no. Well, Seals and Crofts ended up not having to cut their hair because they were so respectful and serious. I think they put their hair in ponytails. Good guys. "The Arata Family"
I just saw your list of concerts.  I first saw S&C in austin, tx.  I thought it was 72 or 73, but i see 74 on your list.  It might have been then. My mother was a classmate of Dash's, and best friends with his sister, Dot.  We saw the concert and afterward got to meet them and chat backstage.  Then, in the winter of 1976 while i was a freshman at North Texas, I saw them again in Dallas.  I sat with the Crofts family (parents and 2 sisters).  I have a funny memory of that day:  Dash's father (Sut) asked me if that was marijuana he smelled when the lights dimmed for the show.  I told him i wasn't sure, but I thought so.  Dash moved to TX a few years ago, and is retired and playing with his horses. Uncle Mitch Connell.
    [I saw S&C] at the Arena in Sioux Falls, SD, in the Summer of 1975. Styx was the opening act, and Ii did see another post online referencing that concert: "I saw my first Styx show when I was 16 on the Equinox tour in Sioux Falls, SD in 1975. Seals and Crofts was the opening act with Jeff Pocaro on drums, he was only 19 or 20 but played great []." I would disagree that Seals and Crofts was the opening act, as they performed second, and my then husband and I hung around a bit after as they were talking to those who remained about the Baha'i faith.. . Sally Zabel.
    Regarding Seals & Crofts, I remember seeing them perform in Las Vegas at one of the big casino hotels around October 1980 - January 1981 with a full orchestra. Can anyone confirm this and which hotel was it? I want to say the Riviera. Had they already moved to Mexico and Costa Rica? were they just promoting their last album from 1980? I would appreciate any feedback. I'm sure I saw them but I haven't been able to confirm searching the web. Rick Gaston
February 1, 197? College of the Desert, Palms Springs, CA  
    Hi my name is Roy Crosby. I have been a fan for many years. The last time I saw them was when they played the New York State Fair I have been trying to remember when that was exactly. If my memory is correct it was in sept of 92. It was a free concert and the music was glorious to say the least and very informal. After the show mywife and 2 sons and I waited till they came out of the backstage area where we introduced ourselvs to them. We had a wonderful time I asked if they had eaten yet as it was late they had not so I invited them to eat with us. So the 6 of us went over to the food area and we all had a late supper together talking about our families and friends. I remeber teasing them that they didn't include the song Jessica it being one of my favorites and thier saying they had intended to include it but ran out of time. Anyway we all had a great time not only at the concert but also being able to relax and share some time with them. Roy Crosby
I was a First Class Midshipman at the US Naval Academy in 1975.  That spring, either March or April, I cannot remember the exact date, Seals and Crofts performed in the Halsey Field House aboard the US Naval Academy.  As a Midshipman in the DC area I was able to see a few memorable concerts -- Tom Rush, Loggins and Messina, Mary Traverse, James Taylor, Richie Havens -- sailors are BIG music fans.  Seals and Crofts' performance was very special especially in comparison to some of the greats I saw during that time frame.

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