After years of maintaining separate careers, Jim and Dan Seals decided to form a band in 2002. The project had been a dream for the two brothers for quite some time. Although Jimmy (with Seals & Crofts) and Danny (with England Dan and John Ford Coley) toured extensively on the same bill throughout the 70's, they never truly collaborated in a band setting before. In addition, Jimmy's son Sutherland played lead guitar and son Joshua played bass; Dan's longtime bandmate Porter McMeans ably helped out on guitar, keys and background vocals. Starting out as "The Seals Brothers" and then billing themselves as "Seals & Seals," the tour criss-crossed the country several times, and beyond.
The concerts drew upon some of Seals & Crofts' greatest hits, Dan's long string of Number 1 songs, and an increasing number of original compositions. Among the more interesting collaborations were the melancholy "What We Do Everyday," and the energetic opener, "Dig a Hole." They had about 8 songs in the can, and one hopes that all of them will be released before long.

The touring came to a close during Dan's lengthy struggle with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Dan Seals passed away on 3/29/09. For more on Dan Seals, see Wendie's Dan Seals site, and Porter's website at Below is some limited information on past shows.

Jim and Dan Seals, from a screen capture of a show at the Grand Ole Opry on July 19, 2003. Here are some dates from the early portion of the touring (the author attended three of them, in Cerritos, CA, Las Vegas and North bend, OR):

March 6, 2004. Grand Casino, Biloxi, MS
May 22, 2004. Prarie Meadows, Iowa
late May, 2004. Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, TN
June 11, 2004. CMT Fan Fair, Nashville, TN
July 31, 2004. Red Lodge, Montana
August 6, 2004. Private benefit.
August 17, 2004. Moses Lake, WA
August 28, 2004. Laughlin, NV
September 10, 2004. Clarksville, TN
October 10-14, 2004. Council Bluffs, Iowa
October 22, 2004. Cerritos Center, Cerritos, CA
October 30, 2004. North Dakota
November 2, 2004. Warner Bros "What Is Hip" Release Party, L.A.
December 11, 2004. Hong Kong
March, 2005. Tifflin, OH
March 19, 2005. Jackson Community College, Jackson, Michigan
May 5, 2006. Mill Casino, North Bend, OR

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